Special Area Activities for Every Day Learning

Special Area Activities for Every Day Learning
Posted on 03/24/2020
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The specials teachers at SRES have developed a great weekday schedule for families learning at home. There are fun ideas from Mr. Crebs (Art), Mrs. Yurek (Library), Mrs. Doka (Music), Coach B (Physical Education), and Ms. Tuchawena (Technology).

If you can, show us what you're learning by having your parent/guardian take a photo or video of you and posting it on Facebook or Instagram and tagging @saltriverschools - we'd love to see what you're working on today! 

Special Areas Activities

Can't read the text or download the PDF? Here's what it says:

Special Area: Art with Mr. Crebs

  • On Monday, go outside and find a flower or a plant. Sketch of picture of your favorite one and label each part of the plant (research online or using an encyclopedia or ask a family member for help – do your best).
  • On Tuesday, use a pencil, pen, or crayon to trace your hand. What can you turn it in to? (besides a turkey!)
  • On Wednesday, find a variety of items to trace. Create a shapes collage. Label your pictures.
  • On Thursday, go outside and look toward the horizon. Sketch a picture of what you see. The horizon is the line at which the earth's surface and the sky appear to meet.
  • On Friday, draw a self-portrait and write about how you are feeling today. A self-portrait is a drawing of you done by you.

Special Area: Library with Mrs. Yurek

  • On Monday, read a book and draw a picture of your favorite character. Re-write the ending so the opposite happens.
  • On Tuesday, interview a person older than you. Ask them what life was like when they were your age.
  • On Wednesday, think of a color. Find something with that color! Play “I SPY” with your family.
  • On Thursday, write a summary of a show you watched on television lately.
  • On Friday, curl up with someone special and read a good book with them! Talk about your favorite part!

Special Area: Music with Mrs. Doka

  • On Monday, find a household item to turn into a drum. How does it sound? Practice a steady beat.
  • On Tuesday, find a string or a ribbon, turn on some music, dance and sway so the ribbon flows.
  • On Wednesday, make up a dance to your favorite song! Put on a show then take a family walk.
  • On Thursday, watch a musical movie with your family. Sing the songs if you know them! Rewind and learn the lyrics!
  • On Friday, write a song for your teacher. Sing it to a family member. Record your performance to share.

Special Area: P.E. with Coach B

  • On Monday, pick 5 different muscles to stretch. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds.
  • On Tuesday, kids should be active sixty minutes EVERY day! Do 60 jumping jacks.
  • On Wednesday, it’s March Madness! Take 64 imaginary jump shots.
  • On Thursday, do as many push-ups as you can.
  • On Friday, play a game that is active. You decide what that is.

Special Area: Technology with Ms. Tuchawena

  • On Monday, construct something with Legos/building blocks. No Legos? Build a fort with blankets.
  • On Tuesday, pick 3 objects to place in a bag. Have another person guess the objects by only touching them.
  • On Wednesday, plan out a design of your dream home on paper. Build a model with recycled items.
  • On Thursday, write the steps to making a sandwich, then ask an adult to help you make one.
  • On Friday, build a tower as tall as possible using only sheets of newspaper. No tape or glue allowed!
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