Dress Code

Salt River Schools strives to provide a safe and productive learning environment free from distractions.

The Education Board, administration, and staff believe school pride, morale, image and safety are influenced by the general appearance of our students.

Salt River Schools has adopted a dress code that requires every student to wear approved attire. This dress code is also listed in the Student & Parent Handbook.

Dress code violation consequences are listed in the Student Conduct and Discipline Handbook.

Community members and visitors who attend school events are encouraged to adhere to this policy.

Approved attire consists of the following:

  • Student clothing must be clean and not dirty, ripped or tattered. Please contact the school counselor or Parent & Community Involvement Specialist if you need assistance with clothing.
  • Tops must cover the waistband of pants or be tucked in. Tops must also cover the shoulders.
  • Bottoms must fit appropriately and cannot exceed four inches above the knee.
  • Closed toe-shoes are required for student safety. Athletic shoes are encouraged during physical education.
  • SRES students will be required to have a clear backpack issued on the first day of school. Replacements will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Students who participate in SRS Athletics are permitted to bring a sports bag but it must be left at the office during the school day.
  • For designated cultural events and/or occasions, traditional and/or culturally relevant dress and accessories are encouraged, but not required. Schools will announce such events/occasions. Students who choose to wear their traditional attire at school do so at their own risk and are encouraged to bring a change of clothes to school. 

Prohibited clothing, grooming and other items include:

  • Any item that may be interpreted as inappropriate in a school setting such as attire displaying inappropriate messages, drug or alcohol use.
    Clothing that shows or exposes undergarments.
  • Hats and other head coverings, except for those worn for religious or spiritual significance, are not to be worn inside school buildings. This includes bandanas, hairnets, knit stocking caps and do-rags. Special permission to wear a hat or head covering may be permitted in select circumstances, as agreed on by parents/guardians and school leadership.
  • Accessories that could be considered unsafe, including long, hanging chains or spike jewelry.
  • Any item that may be interpreted as gang clothing (as defined by SRPMIC Code of Ordinances Sec. 6-7 (a) – Gang Clothing). Gang clothing means anything displaying gang insignias, monikers, color patterns, bandannas, hats, jewelry, clothing, belts, or any other clothing or personal property with gang significance.

o Any red or blue colored hair, shoes, shoe laces, clothing, nails, and lipstick.

  • Solid red, blue (light or dark), green, purple, or brown t-shirts. Any clothing with Insane Clown Posse (ICP), Wu Tang, and Odd Future logos. Memorial shirts may not be worn.

: Student may call parents/guardians and request that acceptable clothing be brought to him/her. The student may place tape over, or color in, the area on clothing that is prohibited or request a “loaner” uniform that meets the dress code.

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