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Mat'o t'vem ab o ju (O'odham) Matwiik (Piipaash)
We will do this together! (English) 

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Hejel eñ ag [I tell myself] 
Mant oi I kupio geñ cektodagĭ c ibdak [I will open my mind and heart]
ant’ hek hekaj o amc hek [so that I can understand]
sa ho’i gedad [to be kind],
has elidad [to have respect],
s’cekaidag’kat [to listen and behave].

Mant oi I kukpio geñ vupio ck nank [I will open up my eyes and ears]
mant sap o neidat, sap o ka:d [I will see and hear clearly]
dam o ves haicu mai [so I will learn ALL things].

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FACE - 2nd Grade Storytelling Vocabulary

3rd-6th Grade Storytelling Vocabulary

Click the blue links to hear the words pronounced in O'odham!

Haicu a’aga (something told)

Why Ban’s Coat is the Color of Sand

How Koi got his Fangs

Ban Scattered the Saguaro Seeds

Click the blue links to hear the words pronounced in O'odham! 

Creation Stories (Ho’ko a’aga) 

Ban’s to Above the Land 

Skomagi Hapot (Gray Arrow)

Kaikau Clan Punished Ban

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